Tuesday, June 29, 2010

18 Weeks

So this whole baby thing is really happening. There have been a few times in the past months that I thought maybe someone was wrong, or maybe it was all a dream that I would wake up from or a joke but this morning I felt the tell-tale bubbly movements in there and I know that it's real.

It was 6:15am and I had just hit snooze. The cat came in to see what the hold up was and decided to snuggle in for a few minutes if I wasn't going to be feeding him right away. He climbed in under the covers and curled himself up in a ball against my stomach and started purring.

For the past week I've been laying quietly at night and in the morning, putting the TV on mute and thinking little baby thoughts at it in hopes that I would feel movement and apparently all it needed was a cat because all that purring set off a flurry of movement. And then the cat freaked out and left, so maybe he felt it too.