Friday, March 18, 2005


OK, this is going to be a really short post. Mostly because I am in the middle of moving and I don't have the energy to make much sense today. And partially because I am tired of being morally outraged by stuff.
CTA hikes and now THIS?
They seriously want to close down the greatest Punk Mecca of all time over a measley $91,000 owed in back rent? Boo on the Bowery Committee. If it weren't for that club The Bowery would never have gained capital letter status.

So here is my question:
Hello, Sting? Debbie Harry? Surviving members of The Ramones? Iggy Pop? Will ya give Hilly some freakin' cash already? Please don't tell me that not one of these rock idols hasn't thought about how easy it would be to raise the cash to save this joint. One concert is all it would take. People from all over the country would come. It would be the biggest party NYC has ever seen.
Now get on it already.

Granted, I've only been inside of CBGBs once but who cares? It's existance alone paved the way for shitty, punk rock dive bars all over the place - from DC to Milwaukee.
CBGBS is the place Disco died and was buried. What are we supposed to do without a place like this? The history. The mystery. The bathrooms.

I say Save CBGBs. Do it! Make a plan. Get it together. Have a concert. Sell some buttons. Make it known that we will not allow this historic venue to go quietly into the night. HELL NO!

That's it.
That's all I've got to say.
Next week ya'll. I'll tell you about my new apartment.

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hackimer said...

Nobody is saving your god forsaken shrine. I mean it's been immortalized in the intro opening to SNL for crissakes. Mohawk man needs to die but that's it waaaah!