Monday, June 20, 2005


So, I realized this weekend that I haven't totally thought out this whole wedding blog thing. Because, ya see, if perchance I didn't enjoy a particular aspect of a wedding then how am I supposed to write about it without hurting feelings or having vengeance thrust upon me by someone or something? I picture scary fingers of lightening shooting out of the sky and through my bedroom window as I sit, composing blog, at my computer.

I am a strong proponent of truth, justice and all that jazz but I don't want anyone to cry if I didn't like their wedding.

so yeah. uh well...I am going to mull this over for a while before talking about the First Official Wedding Of The Blog.

If anyone has any ideas on how to keep it honest...let me know.



csmore said...

you could wait until you've been to ALL the weddings to comment so that no one is singled out. you could make lists of the top ten successes and failures. side by side, it's much easier to swallow something bad, if there's also something good? maybe? you could lavish them with praise and the cough out a little ...uh...jokey comment about the faults. you could blame your discontent on your issues and desires as opposed to their carelessness or tacky behavior.

mars said...

Well, you can just compare all the weddings to ours, which will dwarf them all with it's awesomity.