Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Tradition Continues

In no particular order, I present to you my as-yet-to-be-quantified List Of Things That Make Me Thankful. It's Thanksgiving and the cats woke me up at 5:30 this morning anyway. I figured I should do something besides drink coffee.

1. TNT's Movies We Love Marathon. Of course, there are only two movies that can even come close to being movies I love but Critters at 6am and Ghostbusters at 8? I am good to go.

21. Mmh, bagels.

45. Weddings and babies and all new beginnings

16. Wedges of ripe orange at breakfast.

5. My The Boyfriend. He rocks. 'Nuff said.

999. My family. They are why I am. In all conjugations of the verb.

65. Brand new blue jeans.

93. Designer lables at discount prices.

80. My friends. But more than just some people I know. I mean My Friends, those whose lives mine mingles with intimately. My brothers and sisters in heart and soul. You know who you are.

3. The quiet hour after I wake up and before The Boyfriend gets out of bed.

76. A really good book.

18. Rekindling old friendships.

2. In no way desiring or intending to go shopping tomorrow .

36. A well made mojito.

72. Personal freedoms.

54. 10 days til 30.

321. Sunshine on my shoulders.

9. Laundry on premises.

85. Digital cameras and online photosharing.

10. David Bowie.

678. Cute fuzzy kitties that don't wake me up at the ass-crack of dawn.

4. Coffee.

125. Knowing enough obscure movie quotes to keep up with cousin Jordan.

9654. iTunes.

73. Good job with an adult salary.

14. Every breath of every moment of every minute of every hour of every day.


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