Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This past weekend I played more video games than I ever have in my whole, entire life. (So. Not. Kidding.)

Oh ye of little hand-eye coordination, get thee to a Wii. For The Wii is Wonderful. You can dance (Fiance refused that game), box (beat him), and shake ants off a banana (No. I don't know why.) And, apparently, it's all really good for you because you're standing up and moving around (instead of creating permanent butt-prints on the couch) and the boxing? Actually made my arm a little sore. (Um, did I mention I beat my The Fiance? At Boxing? Also at bowling and baseball and ...well, I'll just stop there. But also golf.)

This weekend I also got to play Guitar Hero II (Poorly.) And it was nothing less than nerve-wracking.

There are reasons all of my attempts at learning to play an instrument have ended badly (usually with cats hiding under beds.) I would tell you that it brought me to a whole new level of respect for what my The Fiance does but that would be a lie. In the end, it's still a game. And, although I full-on blushed in embarrassment when the "crowd" booed me : -( I still know that they are just a video game crowd (Thank you friends who remained supportive every time I mangled a song and will remember to never ever ever tell my The Fiance how bad I was at it...Right?) It's fun. (And only just slightly addictive.)

It made me realize how important it is to develop some of these skills in childhood. (Catching a ball, for example. Kicking a ball? Also good.) Not (as you may think) because I wish to beat the stuffing out of my The Fiance at more video games, but because...um....sports are good for you? No one ever told me that. (Maybe a little bit of a lie. But for sure no one emphasized it. Or, I couldn't hear them from behind my copy of Little Women.)

Never much of one for organized sports (Dreaded being the last one picked. Also, fear of getting hit in the face with a volley ball.) Or musical instruments (Cats hate flute.) I really didn't do much with myself while my cousins got their pictures taken for the paper playing soccer or baseball or sbaccerball...whatever.

Not me. I read. And read, and read. I even read some books about musicians (high school final paper on The Ramones and college essay on Nirvana!) There was that one book I read about the sports guy (That would be The Sportswriter by Richard Ford. Reading a book about a guy who writes about sports counts. Maybe.)

Anyway - point being....um...

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