Monday, December 31, 2007

Me At 32

So, here I am. New Year's Eve.
At work.

Which, yeah, pretty much epitomizes the year for me. Work.
While it's good to have a job with a paycheck, this particular job leaves much (MUCH) to be desired. And yes, I could go out and get myself a different job but that is really not as easy as it sounds people. What with all of the dressing up, and the uncomfortable shoes and the interviews and the making of first impressions.
Plus, and I feel really strongly about this, if I'm going to go through the trouble of getting a new job the year I'm getting married it's going to have to be something I really want to be doing, with people I don't feel like gutting every 20 minutes. So, that's a little limiting as far as career choices go right now. I suspect that if I were in a different city I could probably find something I like doing at a place I would enjoy doing it. But here? Chicago has limited industries. Mostly I am qualified to work in advertising and I, yes, hate advertising.

But, other than this stupid job in this stupid office filled with (mostly but not all) stupid people, 2007 has been a pretty good year. Nothing dramatically terrible has happened and I found the perfect wedding gown!

2008 will be...challenging. There's a lot to do. I think I'm up to it. I mean seriously? I've managed much bigger productions than this wedding is going to be. I should totally be able to handle it. Of course none of those past productions have involved my mom so that might be the the plan? That sounds mean but I don't mean it to be mean. I just mean that...well, you know. I mean, some of you know. The rest of you KNOW. So...yeah. Anyway...

If I can get a handle on the guest list I think everything will be AOK. Also a DJ. And a florist....and a bakery. Crap. Well, whatever. I have the perfect wedding gown!!

Yesterday I took some time to clear out old paperwork from some storage bins. I came across a stack of journals from high school and college. Yeah, those were about as painful as you would expect them to be. Which, I decided after the fact, was a good thing. I am not nearly as melodramatic as I was 10 or 15 years ago. Thank God because apparently I was a little insufferably melodramatic. I mean really, all of the declarations of undying love for boys I don't think I was even speaking to when I reached the last page of the journal. I certainly haven't spoken to some of them in years or so. Which goes to show you Cause no one knew that yet.

Look at me! Full of New Year's Eve revelations!!!

I am a head with a hat and all I say is Ho, Ho, Ho.

No one is gonna get that joke except Kevin, and that's OK.

Right. So, progress has been made in the last 10 years. My hair is a normal color. I no longer have an unnecessary number of holes in my ears, nor do I continue to feel the need to hide under low slung baseball caps. I am marrying a man I am 95% certain that my 15 year old self would approve of (that other 5% of me really thought I would marry Morrissey.) I have mastered shopping for my own clothes. And I have gotten much better at shopping for my own shoes. I only buy shoes that actually fit me now. OK, that last pair of loafers was questionable but they really seemed like they fit in the store - must have been the lighting.

I could take this space to make up some meaningless and, probably, unobtainable new years' resolutions but I stopped making those around the same time I gave up giving up stuff for Lent. Plus, even if I did make resolutions I'm not necessarily going to share them with the blog reading public (all eight of you.) 2008 is putting a lot on my plate. If I can get through the year without needing to heavily sedated at any point I will feel completely victorious at this time next year.

So, 2007, in a nutshell. Work sucks. Love is grand. Food is good, I like food. Reading is sexy.

End Report.
End 2007.

See ya'll on the other side!

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