Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Things

Riiiiiiiiiight. So about that whole I'm totally going to post more often thing I maybe hinted at a month ago. That didn't happen. But it still could.

But right now I got nothing.

That's not true. I got something. Some things. Little things though, nothing all that earth shattering or transformative.

I have, for instance, that I've been thinking lately that the best way to eat a bagel really is straight out of the oven. Barring getting one from the baker's oven, a frozen bagel defrosted in the toaster oven set to "bake" for about 7 minutes is pretty freakin awesome. Toasting really doesn't do a bagel justice. I had maybe forgotten what a bagel - crusty on the outside and deliciously warm and soft on the inside - can be. But I rediscovered it last week and now I am much more excited about the rest of the bagels we have in the freezer. They aren't New York bagels. They are actually really (really) good bagels from...uhh well its a store in one of the suburbs. I've never been there. But they have a booth at the farmer's market in Daley Plaza on Thursdays. They've got a really good deal. I think it's a bag of four bagels for $1.50. But I don't work in that neighborhood anymore so once we eat our way through the stash in the freezer I'm not sure what we're going to do.

That's the other thing I've got. A new job. It is a very good thing. That is all I will say about that here.

We push our clocks back an hour on Sunday and I'm wondering if, in this age of social networks, I should bother with my annual email. And if I do send the email does that absolve me from having to make it my status for the day on Sunday? Or should I do both? Why do I do this?

I'm a little strange I think sometimes.

I'm making a conscientious effort to invest myself in some sports this year. Honestly I really don't care all that much about any sport. If I could never watch another sporting event ever again I would be OK with that. But I have this husband you see. And also these friends...Many of whom find sports to be an integral part of their lives to some extent or another. So, you know, I do my best to know a little bit about a bunch of stuff - sound bytes from Mike & Mike or something I read somewhere, caught on the news. And I watch the important games - playoffs and bowls (OK, maybe just the Super one.) But they are not making it easy! The sports seasons used to be far more delineated than they are now. This week we have football, baseball, basketball and I'm sure there's a soccer game on somewhere that someone is watching and will be talking about this weekend. It's really making things difficult for me. For example, I knew that tonight would be all about the Hornets game. I was prepared for that. But then, when I mentioned that there's a new South Park on after the game I was told that after the basketball game there's also a freakin' World Series game on! This was never meant to happen. (And also I know it's the Yankees. They have like 26 titles, give me a break already.) You try to be a good wife and show a little interest, you give that inch and they want 120 yards. It's not right. Attention all of you various sports franchise things: Go back to the way it was when I could get at least a week of non-sports related prime time television watching in between seasons.
Is that too much to ask?

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