Saturday, August 06, 2005


Mmmh, sleeping in.

Lounging with current book until the clock gets to double digits.

Tasty, complicated breakfast involving many pans and plates. Perhaps some fancy cheese.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Coffee Magic. pheuw.

Shared hours of conscious alertness with The Boyfriend. Barring any national sporting events.

Long, hot, luxurious shower.


"Drinking and smoking and being a wiseguy. And I'm gonna fight you, and I'm gonna make you stop."

21 Jumpstreet. 3pm Channel 23.

Is it Buffy? Is it baseball? Buffy?! Baaaseeeball?!...YAY! Buffy!

Heh. What time does that clock say? OOoooh. Sweeeet.

Air conditioning. Uninterrupted by commuting to work air conditioning. Rock.

Cuddle time with kitties. Perhaps we'll all take a cat nap.

Dinner? We don't need no stinking dinner. Ice cream will work.

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