Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stop Me Before I Troll Again

there is some sick (SICK!) compulsion inside me that makes me do crazy things sometimes.

like putting my ex-boyfriend's name into google "just to see what happens."

you know what happens?

i find him.

and i go to his myspace page and stare.

and then i throw up a little in my mouth.

and then i do it all over again like a month later.
i don't know.
maybe he makes mention of me? maybe someone finally posted a comment calling him out on his supreme douchebaginess (yeah, i made that word up. all on my own. fuck off.)
maybe some sort of non-fatal tragedy has befallen him and i can laugh about it!

curse you myspace.
curse you for providing access to the people, places and things we should never be able to access again.

curse you myspace and curse my trolling sickness.

ew. alanis morrissette's "you oughta know" totally just came on.
i'm going to go wash the gross off myself before it's permanent.

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